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Heidee Nytes Spanks Bella Ink

Video: Heidee Nytes Spanks Bella Ink
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Studio: Dave's Custom Media
Bella Ink shows up at Heidee Nytes' place to return a dress she borrowed, but Bella seems to have shrunk Heidee's dress in the wash! This will just not do for Heidee, as it's happened many times before with clothes-shrinking Bella! Heidee takes Bella over her knee and gives her a good, hard hand spanking over her jeans! Bella cries out for mercy as she feels Heidee's firm hand smacking her delicate ass! Heidee decides after a few minutes that the jeans must come off, and then she spanks Bella's bare cheeks! As the panties come down, Heidee breaks out a leather & alligator skin paddle and paddles Bella's red ass even redder! Bella finally apologizes before slinking away with her pants still down around her knees.

Stars: Bella Ink, Heidee Nytes

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