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Girlfriend Tied Up & Spanked By Mommy

Video: Girlfriend Tied Up & Spanked By Mommy
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How many times have I told you not to sneak your little girls into my house?!?! Well, maybe now you'll learn your lesson! I've got her tied up here in the basement, and I am going to spank her ass red! And you'll sit there, watch, and learn your lesson! Maybe then. you'll learn not to sneak little sluts into my house to fuck! Watch me spank her ass red with my bare hand! Do you hear her yelling for help? You're not gonna help her. You're a little fucking pig! You're gonna sit there an stroke your dirty little cock like piggy boys do! Go ahead and keep touching yourself while I spank her with a bath brush! You make me sick! I can't believe you're my son. You're just staring at her, you little pervert! She's moaning for help as I'm spanking her with a wooden paddle!! You're not learning anything, are you? Maybe if I strap her ass with a piece of leather? Will you learn then? No! Then she's gonna have to take 18 whacks with a rubber paddle, one for every slutty year she's been alive! There! Let that lesson sink in a while. You better be a good boy, and keep an eye on her. Mommy will be back later to let her go.

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