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Get a Job

Get a Job

Studio: Steve’s Secrets

Starring: Veronica and Trisha

Approximate Running Time: 31.08 minutes

Veronica comes home from a hard day at the office, to find her friend and flatmate lounging on the couch watching the TV.

She asks Trisha why after being out of work for two weeks she still hasn’t found a job.

Trisha points out that jobs are hard to find these days. However, Veronica suggests that she hasn’t tried very hard.

Lying over her friends knee

Then much to her surprise, poor Trisha finds herself lying over her friend’s knee, on the receiving end of a hard bare bottom spanking.

Trisha is surprised how much a spanking hurts

She squeals and protests loudly, but the spanking continues. Only once her cheeks have been turned from creamy white – to pink – to cherry red and she promises to make more of an effort at finding a new job, is she able to scramble to her feet.

Two weeks later, she is gloating because she has landed a better job, with better pay and prospects than Veronica’s.

getting her revenge

As the saying goes – ‘Revenge is Sweet,’ so Veronica finds herself on the receiving end of a bare bottom spanking.

It’s then that the two girls realise that they have found a new common interest – giving and receiving bare bottom spankings to each other.

They have found a new common interest

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