Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Gentlemen Prefer Brats

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Artemis Antone and Arthur Meeks as Victor

Approximate Running Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Tempted by the champagne

Artemis and Victor are on an all expenses paid business trip. The purpose of the trip is to drum up more business for their bosses.

However, Artemis has other ideas. Instead of mixing with the other guests in the hotel, she decides to order a bottle of champagne, by phoning Room Service. She is just about to pour herself a generous glass of the fizzy elixir when Victor returns to their room to see what was keeping her.

despite her protests she finds herself lying over his knee

He’s incensed to find her settling in for a cosy night with her bottle of champagne.

Being a super brat, she gives him a load of lip. Eventually, exasperated with her, he puts her over his knee with the intention of spanking the brattiness out of her.

He’s in no hurry and the spanking session turns into a sensual spanking session.

His fingers give  her pleasure

While in the process of giving her a very sore red bottom, he uses various implements and a vibrator.

submission is imminent

After he has brought her to a shuddering climax, he sits her on his knee for a cuddle.

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