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Video: Gemini
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Studio: California Star Productions
American Domestic Discipline. Victoria and Sophia, Two naughty girls, are being taken care of by their Uncle Nik and Mistress Gemini. Gemini is from England and is keen on the finer points of corporal punishment. That morning, Uncle Nik finds them absent from their beds and attempting to sneak back into the house. Gemini too learns of their absence and is furious. Nik tells them to get into their college uniforms and wait in their adjoining room. What follows is a classic lesson in punishment as the girls are first hand spanked, their short skirts thrown up towards their head.

Barely moved, they are then spanked with well-worn leather straps and the three-strapped tawse. Finally their tears begin as their pink flesh begins to redden. Punishment abounds as tears flow with the final arrival of the swift cane and its inherent thwack! These girls will think twice about a night on the town.

Stars: Sophia, Victoria, Gemini, Nik

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