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From Punishment To Orgasm

Video: From Punishment To Orgasm
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Studio: Cum Again UK
Horny and in need of some release, this frisky brunette masturbates while she daydreams about the spankings she’s received in the past. The scene cuts back and forth from clips of her being spanked while wearing sexy lingerie, to her masturbating alone in her room. She finally climaxes, sighing in satisfaction.

Later, as she’s making her bed, the man who causes her both pain and pleasure shows up again to give her what she wants. He spanks her, using his hand to slap her bare bottom before bending her over and fucking her from behind. He takes a break from fucking her to spank her some more, but then gets right back to fucking her! It doesn’t look like he cums; perhaps he gets just as much enjoyment out of spanking her as she does!

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