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Free Spanking Videos – Spanked…and I Like It!

Free Spanking Videos - Spanked and I Liked It
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“Caravan Of Love” stars the beautiful Angelina who has been lured here from South America with promises of a rich and lavish lifestyle. She soon finds out her master is poor and lives in a caravan RV, and his only plans for her are to spank and punish her bare ass daily. He bends her over his lap and smacks her Latin butt repeatedly with his bare hands and a variety of spanking paddles and instruments. Will she get used to her new life here as a submissive spanking victim?

Lesbian Mistress Miss Wood takes her girlfriend Paige over the knee and gives her a long, hard bare bottom spanking. This scene includes OTK spanking and shots filmed with superb impact slow motion, showing Miss Wood’s hand crashing into Paige’s exposed red buttocks. See every quiver and wobble, plus hear the cries and moans from poor Paige as her bottom glows from the sustained spanking it was given!

The final scene, “Spank Rather Than Wank,” also stars the light-haired, fair-skinned Paige. When a teenager needs to masturbate, the urge can be over powering – even if it means risking a thrashing if being caught! Paige took this risk as she was desperate for a hard wank. In the end, it cost her dearly as her bare bottom was soundly spanked then thrashed with the hairbrush! Watch her buttocks turn bright red with every thwack as she endures her brutal punishment.

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