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Free Spanking Videos – Smarty Pants

Free Spanking Videos - Smarty Pants
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Keith is trying to do some last minute number crunching on his laptop before leaving for work, but Dia keeps creating loud noises that disturb his concentration. He appeals to her to show mercy but the bouncy blonde virtually ignores his pleas, running her blender and slamming cabinets until he’s ready to jump out of his skin. His patience finally at an end, Keith turns the naughty minx over his knee and gives her a good spanking in a scene that begins over her sheer pantyhose and panties and ends by tinting her stunning bottom dark pink.

This free spanking video shows Keith and Dia as the over the knee punishment begins. She may whimper a bit, but she knows she deserves this otk spanking for rudely interrupting Keith with excessive kitchen noise.

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