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Free Spanking Videos – Shock Therapy

Free Spanking Videos - Shock Therapy
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This spanking video borders much closer to hard bondage than most of the spanking films we’ve featured lately. Spitfire is a new fetish studio we’ve recently gotten into, and their videos are fairly interesting. Shock Therapy blends otk spanking with bondage, suspension, electro-shock play and spanking implements. So, if you’re looking to kink up your spanking entertainment…this spanking video will most likely have something you’re into.

What we like about Spitfire is their choice of models. The spankees in this spanking DVD are all of the more erotic spanking variety. Some spankees act along with the pain component more than they truly have to for the camera’s sake, but the girls in this video all seem to just give into the arousal of being tortured. Don’t get me wrong, I love the role play angle. Although, something about a full figured woman taking a good spanking while her eyes role back into her head makes a man really want to dominate her.

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