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Free Spanking Videos – Pool Table Spanking

In respect of the holiday weekend, we have put together a very hot free spanking video for you to indulge in at your earliest convenience. This sexy spanking scene comes from California Star Productions, and is part of Pool Table Strokes/Caned To Climax 2. As indicated within the title, part one of this spanking video involves a man, his pool stick and a very attention starved spankee. This sexy brunette will simply not let her man play pool without paying attention to her. She rolls balls across the table, touches his stick and even removes the cue ball from the table completely.

Finally, he has enough and clears the table for more erotic purposes. He leans her over the pool table and presses himself against her while sliding her white mini-skirt down just below her bare bottom. Instead of doing the work to remove her thong properly, he decides to break out his pool shark knife and cuts it from her body completely. Shortly after, he lays a sultry hand spanking on her eager ass.

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Free Spanking Videos - Pool Table Spanking

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