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Free Spanking Videos - Gordon Bennett Mr Ramsey
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Famous TV chef Johnny Ramsey has moved into cooking for private functions. With his normal waitress’s unable to make one of them he employs two new girls Donna and Sophia. He soon regrets taking the two untrained girls as they drop plates, spill food and are seen drinking in public while on the clock. Johnny repremands the two girls who beg him to keep their lucrative jobs, which gives him an opportunity to act out a little fantasy he has.

He suggests to them that he give them another chance but won’t be satisfied fully until he has had their knickers down for a good hard hand spanking followed up with some very spirited caning. Sophia has a beautiful pert little bottom and it seems more than ready for this hard caning, whilst Donna’s is more rounded giving Johnny a good target area for some full bloodied strokes.

This free spanking video shows Mr. Ramsey delicately lowering his spankee’s black lace knickers, and laying a firm corporal spanking on this naughty waitress. Her bare bottom has already turned a nice shade of red from being spanked earlier, and achieves a deep, sensual glow after feeling Mr. Ramsey’s hand skin to skin.

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