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Free Spanking Video – Russian Slaves 71 – Punishment for Smoking

Spanking Videos - Nettles Corp - Russian Slaves 71 - Punishment for SmokingPrepare yourself for some of the best corporal punishment ever put on film. Russian Slaves 71 from Nettles Corp is easily the top new spanking video addition to The two sleek and sexy Russian schoolgirls have been creating quite a stir at their private school. The headmaster has caught wind of their smoking habits, and is doubly angry that they have been doing so within the school’s bathrooms.

Headmaster brings them to a private meeting, and confronts them about their unladylike behavior. When the crass schoolgirls refuse to admit anything to him, he has them take their tops off and pull up their skirts to bare all. What he finds is incriminating evidence of the first degree. Not only has one student gotten prohibited tattoo work done on her back, but both girls are hiding packs of cigarettes inside of their underwear.

What is a Headmaster to do with such unruly schoolgirls? Deal them a full program of bare bottom hand spankings and corporal punishment, that’s what. Not only does Headmaster bring these ladies to tears with nothing but the hand that spanks, but he drills them through nude physical conditioning of the likes we have never laid eyes on to date in any spanking video.

This is a top rate spanking video series, and we greatly apologize for not featuring it’s new releases more often. You will be very pleased to view these Nettles Corp spanking movies.

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