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Free Spanking Video – Painful Cure

In Painful Cure from California Star Productions, women visit their therapist with very similar personal issues. Each of them has come to derive pleasure from corporal punishment. Such a thing can begin from childhood; where receiving a spanking as a result of acting up suddenly produces an overwhelming orgasm. After maturing, many people who experience this tirelessly seek out partners who can handle dealing corporal punishment for pleasure. Alas, falling in love does not always come packaged with this affinity in a significant other.

So, these lovely ladies engage in some innocent role play to help their gracious therapist understand their needs more accurately. As he administers his professional therapy, he has each woman assume different positions to assess the interaction between them and their men. An OTK spanking is preferred in this free spanking video. Listen to how this therapist takes great care in communicating with his adorable patient as he finds her tight bottom’s sweet spots.

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