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Flight into Trouble – Part Thirty-Six

The story so far ……

Tazeline and Margie are strapped down over bar stools – the round robin has started. The second round is under way, yet even though Tazeline is in agony, stubbornly she refuses to give in and tell the head warder what she had done to deserve a public spanking.

But how long can she hold out for?

Now read on ……

Poor Margie, her bottom is also suffering, just like her friend Tazeline’s, but as she is innocent, she’s beginning to feel disenchanted with her best friend and her trouble-making attitude.

‘Please Tazzy tell them whatever they want to know,’ she called across to her friend.

‘No way,’ Tazeline answered, as obstinate as ever.

The head warder went and stood next to Margie, ‘It’s a pity you have to suffer because of your friend.’

‘Yeeooowww!’ Margie screamed loudly, as the cane viciously bit into her tender flesh.

‘How would you like to get your own back fraulein?’ The head warder whispered in her ear.

‘How,’ she whispered back.

He bent his head down and again whispered in her ear.

What is his plan?

To be continued ……

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