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Flight into Trouble – Part Thirty-Seven

The story so far ……

Margie’s poor bottom is suffering the same fate as her friend Tazeline’s. Now the head warder is offering her a lifeline; he whispers to her that she can get her own back.

What has he got in mind?

Now read on ……

Putting his mouth close to her ear, he told her his plan. She listened intently to what he had to say. Then she shook her head.’No, I couldn’t betray her like that,’ she said.

‘Of course the choice is yours fraulein, but why should you suffer for your friend’s obstinacy?’

The cane bit into her already tender flesh, making the cheeks of her bottom clench and unclench – with a life of their own; while yet another blue weal left its mark on her sore red bottom.

‘Come on fraulein, tell us why you and your friend are going to be publicly spanked.’

However, poor Margie was in such pain, her mind was unable to even remember why they were to be publicly spanked on the following Monday. Shaking her head, hoping that might help her think clearly – she told the head warder ……

‘We were smuggling drugs into the jail,’ she whispered.

‘Ahh! right fraulein, now I understand, thank you,’ he barked an order to the prison warder who was about to bring the viscious cane down on her quivering bottom again.

Immediately, the cane stopped in mid air and strong male hands gently released her from her bonds.

‘Stay there fraulein, your bottom deserves some attention,’ the head warder again gave his men an order that they obeyed at once.

Margie felt gentle fingers massaging a soothing cream into her tortured bottom. She involuntarily, gave a sigh of relief. Then those same fingers were wandering about all over her bottom and she began to gyrate her hips – a thick male finger slipped inside her sopping wet pussy, allowing him an easy passage into her innermost being. Again, she gasped as she gave way to a shuddering orgasm, that made her shake spasmodically for a full minute.

When she stopped shaking, she was helped to her feet.

‘Right, fraulein,’ the head warder spoke loudly – above the sound of the screams that Tazeline was making, as her punishment continued. ‘Now you can have a nice hot bath, then a meal will be ready for you.’

Margie tried to block out the sound of Tazeline’s screams.’Please,’ she pleaded for clemency for her friend.’Let Tazeline go,’

‘Only when she tells us herself.’ The head warder, curtly told his men to continue with the round robin.

‘Come on fraulein tell us why you are to be publicly spanked,’ he had to raise his voice in order to make himself heard. ‘Wouldn’t you like a nice sooothing bath and a meal?’

‘Piss off,’ was her only response.

As Margie was being helped out of the room, she could hear her friend’s cries of pain as her caning eontinued. There was the sound of the cane whirring through the air, followed by a moment of silence, then a scream of agony. ‘Tazzy, do what they want, please,’ she pleaded with her friend.

‘You can piss off too, you traitor you.’ she screamed at poor Margie.

Margie wondered how much more pain her friend could take – what would meke her give in and confess..

Then she had an idea and whispered it to the head warder.

What is the idea?

To be continued ……

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