Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Flight into Trouble – Part Thirty-Five

The story so far ……

Tazeline has been very rude to the head warder, so now he has brought three of his officers to help him get her to talk.

Both she and Margie are tied to bar stools, their sore red bottoms are fully exposed and an easy target for further spankings.

What is a round robin? The two girls are about to find out.

Now read on ……

‘Right fraulein, you are about to find out that a round robin can be very painful for you,’ the head warder checked the knots to make sure they were tight enough and they couldn’t escape.

Tazeline strained against the straps in an attempt to break free. But she soon realised that it was hopeless,

Meanwhile, the head warder laughed at her struggles. ‘I’m going to ask you one more time fraulein,’ he put his mouth close to her ear. ‘What did you do to warrant a public spanking?’

Still Tazeline said nothing, however, she didn’t tell him to piss off, but she spit in his face instead.

Red faced, he wiped the spit from his face.

‘Right, that’s it. The round robin will begin immediately. Get in line men.’

The four prison warders shuffled into line – the head warder was head of the queue and he was holding a large wooden paddle. The next in line had a cane, that he swished through the air. Herr Schmidt still had his belt in his hand. While the last man was holding a vicious looking riding crop.

‘I’ll start,’ the head warder explained. ‘I will give you three strokes with the paddle, then the next officer will also give you three strokes with whatever implement he’s holding.’

Tazeline’s body stiffened as the large wooden paddle made contact with her quivering bottom. At first her bottom turned white at the impact of the paddle, then it turned a blazing red.

Once the head warder had delivered three strokes, he moved on to Margie, while the second man in the queue gave Tazeline three strokes of his implement.

When the fourth man had made Tazeline’s bottom even sorer, the head warder had his turn again, but this time he gave her six strokes, therefore, each round they were doubling up.

How long will Tazeline be able to hold out before she gives in?

To be continued ……

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