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Flight into Trouble – Part Thirty-Eight

The story so far ……

Margie had an idea – she whispered it to the head warder.

‘All right fraulein, that sounds like a splendid idea,’ he whispered back.

Now read on ……

Margie was led back into the room, the sound of Tazeline’s screams echoed in her ears.

‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’ she squealed. ‘I’m the ringleader, please let Tazeline go.’

The head warder shouted to her, ‘How dared you lie to me all this time, you are about to receive twice the punishment your friend has been having.’

The sound of the cane whirring through the air, the moment of silence, then the agonised screams of Margie could be heard.

The head warder went to Tazeline, ‘Fraulein, your friend has now confessed to being the trouble maker, so your caning will stop.’

Tazeline was unable to see what was happening to her friend, but she could hear her agonised screams of pain and terror.

‘She’s lying,’ Tazeline screamed. ‘I’m the instigator of all the mischief, Margie is innocent.’

‘It’s too late fraulein, your friend has confessed and signed the admission of guilt sheet, therefore punishment must be carried out immediately.’

More screams could be heard from Margie, as Tazeline was lead out of the room,

‘Well done fraulein, you are a very good actress,’ the head warden praised her. ‘Your friend believed you were being punished. However, you will be kept apart from each other until it’s time for your public spanking.’

Margie shuddered at the thought of what was to come the following Monday.

It was Monday morning. The two friends were reunited on the bus that was taking them to the town square, but they were not allowed to talk to each other.

When the bus finally stopped, the two girls – hands handcuffed behind their backs, were ushered off the bus and herded into the town square.

A crowd had gathered to see the spectacle of two girls being publicly spanked.

It was a warm day, so the two girls were wearing short dresses, the hem just covering the top half of their bottoms.

The dress was known as the ‘punishment dress’. It was made of strips of material that were tied together at the waist by a leather belt.

A silence had fallen on the crowd of onlookers, as the magistrate, took her place on the podium.

‘Will the two miscreants please step forward.’ She seated herself on a high wooden chair.

Tazeline and Margie were pushed forward.

The magistrate sternly looked down at them.’

‘You have been tried and found guilty, now you are about to receive a public spanking. Tazeline, step forward and stand on my right side.’

Tazeline, with her hands still fastened behind her back, stood there trembling in the morning sunshine.

The magistrate pulled her own skirt up, baring her naked thighs. ‘I’ve been looking forward to this Fraulein, now revenge is going to be very sweet.’

Strong hands pushed poor Tazeline forward. As she was leaning against the magistrate’s knee, she could feel the warmth of the older woman’s body. Then the belt was unbuckled and the strips of the dress fell away, leaving her bare bottom uncovered and fully exposed. Another push and she found herself lying over the magistrate’s knee.

‘You are going to receive one hundred spanks in batches of twenty five,’ the magistrate told her. ‘And you will count each spank aloud. Do you understand?’

‘Yes,’ Tazeline gasped and screamed out in pain as the magistrate’s hard hand made contact with her tortured bottom.

‘I can’t hear you counting,’ the magistrate said. ‘Let’s start again.’

‘One, two, three. Please no more,’ she pleaded.

‘Be quiet,’ the magistrate interrupted her. ‘You will lreceive an extra five spanks for every word you utter that is not counting.’

Will Tazeline be able to accept the rest of her public spanking without any further protests?

To be continued ……

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