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Flight into Trouble – Part Forty

The story so far ……

Margie was lying over the magistrates knee, her cheeks clenching and unclenching in anticipation of the stinging spanking she was about to receive.

But when the magistrate spoke to her, she got the shock of her life.

What was said to her?

Now read on ……

‘Young lady, you are just a naughty girl, not a wicked girl like your friend here,’ the magistrate slapped her bottom to emphasise each word. ‘Your problem is that you are easily led.’

Margie wriggled about in pain and embarrassment.

‘Therefore, I am going to give you twelve hard spanks and that will be it,’ the magistrate explained.

Although poor Margie only had twelve spanks to endure, by the time she had received the first four she was in tears, her bottom ached and smarted so much so, she felt sure the cheeks were swollen.

The twelth spank landed on the spot just below her thighs.

‘Yeeoowww,’ she screamed.

She was helped to her feet and allowed to rub at her very sore red bottom.

Two of the prison officers led her back to where Tazeline was waiting.

The magistrate stood up and spoke to both the girls.

‘You have both been duly punished for your behaviour while here in Berlin. You are a disgrace to your country.’ she was busy writing in a big ledger.

‘You will be taken to the airport and put on a plane back to the UK, Germany does not need naughty girls like you two.’

Both Tazeline and Margie felt relief. Soon they would be home. Their bottoms would heal and they knew the memory of the past few days would fade in time.

‘A word of warning,’ the magistrate went on. ‘Don’t ever come back to Berlin or you will be arrested immediately and receive a prison sentence and corporal punishment. Do you both understand?’

‘Yes,’ the both girls whispered.

‘Speak up, the crowd want to hear your promise.’

‘Yes, we understand,’ Margie spoke up.

‘And do you understand Fraulein? she looked sternly at Tazeline.

‘Yes ma’am,’ Tazeline answered, saluting and doing a goose step.

‘How dare you be so facetious,’ the magistrate was red in the face. ‘Get her out of my sight or I might start her punishment all over again.’

The two girls were taken back to their cells, to prepare for their journey home.

On the plane, the stewardess came to see if they wanted some refreshments. Tazeline ordered a coke, then when it arrived, she argued that she had asked for a lemonade.

The stewardess bent down and whispered in her ear.

‘If you were my daughter, I’d put you over my knee and give you a darned good spanking.’

Tazeline laughed out loud.

‘Yeah! Well I’m not am I?’

As the plane landed, two passengers were not allowed to leave the plane. Tazeline and Margie exchanged glances.

‘You’re being taken back to Berlin, for a further punishment,’ Sally the stewardess told them.

Will they ever learn to keep their big mouths shut?

The end ……

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