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Flight into Trouble – Part Twenty-Three

The story so far ……

Rolf the trainee doorman at the Excelsior Hotel in Berlin had inadvertently stumbled upon the head doorman Herr Wolfgang Schmidt and the two young ladies, Tazeline and Margie – and the younger man couldn’t believe his luck, when Wolfgang asked for his help.

When given the choice, which girl he wanted to play with, he chose Tazeline.

However, he soon realised that he had a wildcat to deal with – would he be able to cope with her?

Now read on ……

His lack of confidence was obvious and Tazeline intended to take advantage of that.

‘Come on Rolf,’ she said, ‘now you’ve got me, what you going to do with me?’

‘I am going to … ,’ his voice came out as a squeak. He cleared his throat and started again.

‘You young lady, just swore at Wolfgang and that was very disrespectful of you.’

Sticking her tongue out at him, she laughed and said, ‘And you can piss off too.’

‘You know what,’ he said. ‘You’re not in the best position to say that.’

She was still kneeling with her sore bare bottom stuck up in the air. And being blindfolded, she was surprised at what he did next.

When he spoke to her, Tazeline knew he was now standing in front of her.

Roughly pulling off her blindfold, he said, ‘Look Tazeline, I want you to see what I’ve got for you.’
He was guiding his eight inch, purple headed, pulsating cock downwards from her forehead towards her mouth. She tried to pull away from him, but he put his hand on the back of her neck and held her in a vice like grip.

‘Open your mouth Tazeline,’

‘Shan’t,’ she said, too late, realising her mistake. Quick to take advantage, he slipped his rampant cock into her partly opened mouth, forcing her to open her mouth even wider. She gagged as his cock rammed down her throat. He then withdrew it slightly and she clamped her sharp little teeth around it.

With a loud scream, he pulled away from her. His proud cock was now shrivelled and hanging down between his legs – blood dripping from it, onto the rose pink carpet.

‘You vicious little bitch,’ he roared at her. ‘You’ll be sorry you did that.’

Hauling her to her feet, he sat down on a chair, putting her over his knee. He jiggled her about until he had her in position, then raising his right arm; he brought his hard hand down on her upturned bottom. She let out a loud scream. However, he totally ignored her pleas for mercy and his hand made contact with her bottom time and again. Her screams turned to sobs but still he carried on. To Tazeline, the whole thing was a blur of pain.

Then she heard the doorman’s voice.

What was he saying?

To be continued ……

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