Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Flight into Trouble – Part Twenty-Five

The story so far ……

Rolf has spanked Tazeline so severely – she is bruised and blood is oozing from little cuts where her skin has been broken.

Now he is going to show her his gentler side by soothing her sore bottom with a lotion.

He wants to put her back over his knee, poor Tazeline is worried – is he going to spank her again?

Now read on ……

She looked up at him fearfully, with pleading in her eyes.

‘Trust me Tazeline, I promise I’m not going to hurt you again,’ he lifted her off the bed. ‘It will be easier to spread the lotion over your bottom if you’re over my knee.’

So she found herself once again lying over his knee, but this time, the hand that had hurt her so badly was gently spreading the pink lotion over her sore twitching bottom.

Rolf’s long slender fingers massaged the cream into the red-hot skin. He was using a circular motion – at first a wide circle, gradually getting smaller and smaller, until he was kneading her tender cheeks – occasionally stretching out his index finger and running it up and down the crack between them. Now, she is moaning softly, clenching and unclenching her bottom as she is being turned on.

When his probing finger slid easily into her hot wet pussy, making contact with her swollen clit, she bucked over his knee. Her juices were flowing freely and her love passage was so lubricated – his finger entered her and started finger fucking her. Sometimes he would withdraw his finger and use a circular movement around her anus; this sent her into a frenzy. Taking his cue, he gently put his digit into the tight little orifice. Then he withdrew his finger and this time she was gasping in disappointment.

She felt him fumbling in his pocket; twisting her head round trying to see over her own shoulder.  She felt him pushing something into her anus. She couldn’t think what it was but it filled her – and when he once again slid his finger into her throbbing pussy, her cheeks tightened and relaxed, causing whatever it was he’d pushed into her, to go deeper and deeper.

As she became closer and closer to having an orgasm, she was about to go over the edge – he slowly pulled the beads out of her bottom hole. She let out a scream, causing both Margie and the senior doorman to rush into the bedroom to see what was happening.

They found her lying limp over Rolf’s knee, her bottom still gyrating and twitching. She became aware of something sticking into her stomach and he bent his head – whispering in her ear.

She scrambled off his knee and knelt down between his  legs, Placing her hot little mouth over his stiff pulsating cock, she let him push it into her mouth, making her gag as it touched the back of her throat.

Margie and the doorman looked at each other, he raised an eyebrow and arm in arm, and they left Tazeline and Rolf and went back to the lounge.

There were grunts, sighs, and the occasional sound of a hand slapping a bare bottom.

Then came a clanging sound – it was the fire alarm. This was followed by a loud banging on the front door of the penthouse suite. Without waiting for a reply, the door was forcefully pushed open and four burly firefighters rushed into the room.

The Chief Fireman’s mobile phone rang and he answered it immediately.

‘Okay men, the fire has been contained on the twentieth floor,’ he informed the fire crew.

However, the air was thick with the smell of arousal.

What’s going to happen now to Margie and Tazeline?

To be continued ……

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