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Flight into Trouble – Part Thirty-Three

The spanking story so far ……

The magistrate asked to see the faces of the two naughty girls who were in the dock – bending down, touching their toes, with their bare bottoms on full view to the magistrate and the rest of the court.

Tazeline and Margie straightened up and turned to face the magistrate.

The magistrate gave a gasp. ‘You two again,’ she said, as she recognised them.

Now read on ……

Tazeline wished she hadn’t been so rude to Sally the stewardess, when they were on their way to Berlin.

The magistrate interrupted Tazeline’s thoughts. ‘Do you remember what I said I’d do to you if you were my daughter?’

‘Yes ,’ Tazeline whispered.

‘Speak up, I want the court to hear what you are saying.’ The magistrate peered over her glasses at Tazeline, who stood there visibly shaking.

‘Right, so start again and tell the court what it was I said to you.’

‘Y-y-you said that if I was your daughter, you’d ………’ Tazeline hesitated.

‘Come on young lady, speak up,’ the magistrate was getting impatient. ‘You had a lot to say for yourself, last time we met, didn’t you?’

‘I’m sorry,’ Tazeline said.

‘Yes I’m sure you are now, however, what did I say I would do to you.’

‘You’d put me over your knee and spank me.’

‘That’s correct, it’s exactly what I said.’ The magistrate stood up. ‘I will now pass sentence on you.’

Tazeline bit her lower lip so hard, she could taste blood.

‘I’m going to personally give you a public spanking. Recorder of the court, please ensure that these two young ladies are unclothed and ready for a public spanking, in the square on Monday morning next week.’

‘Yes ma’am, what time?’ the court recorder asked.

‘Make it ten o’clock, I’ll carry out the punishment before I go into court.’
The two girls were led back to their cells.

‘You frauleins must have done something to make the magistrate take a personal interest in you,’ the prison warder said.

Neither of the girls answered him.

‘You will acknowledge when I speak to you,’ he said.

Tazeline and Margie still remained silent.

‘How dare you ignore me,’ he pushed them roughly into their cell, locking the door behind them.

‘I will be back in thirty minutes,’ he said. ‘Maybe you will be a bit more co-operative by then.’

Exactly thirty minutes later he returned, but he was not alone,there were three more warders with him.

‘Right frauleins, are you going to be a bit more talkative now?’

‘You can all piss off,’ Tazeline sat on the bunk bed that had been allotted to her.

‘Fraulein, you would be advised to think before you speak in future.’

‘Make your mind up,’ Tazeline retorted. ‘It’s only half an hour ago and you were not happy cos we didn’t speak to you.’

‘I’m warning you fraulein.’

‘Piss off,’ she repeated, lying face down on the bed.

Strong hands lifted her easily off the bed.

What’s going to happen to her now?

To be continued ……

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