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Flight into Trouble – Part Thirty-One

The spanking story so far ……

Tazeline is feeling hot and turned on; however, her tormentors are withholding gratification from her unless she denounces who the prisoner is who gave her the package to look after for him.

Therefore, when the man himself is brought into the room and he comes up to her where she is lying on her back on an examination couch, with her feet up in stirrups and whispers to her, ‘Fraulein please ………’

What is he going to ask her?

Now read on ……

Tazeline was longing for a man’s cock ramming inside her, bringing her to a glorious climax. Now here was this man, pleading with her to give him away, to tell the prison officers that it was he that gave her the package.

She is unable to think straight, because she has this need and here is a man – naked from the waist down, his pulsating throbbing cock only inches from her hot wet pussy.

‘Please Fraulein, admit it was me.’

She could feel his hot breath fanning her face as he whispered to her.

Because of a buzzing in her head, she has difficulty concentrating on what he is saying and he has to repeat himself.

‘I’m in such terrible pain Fraulein,’ he moved closer to her. ‘They have given me some Viagra tablets and my erection means I have a hardon for the next thirty-six hours.’

She looked at his erection with longing in her eyes.

‘Admit it was me and they’ll let me get some relief.’ He moved even closer to her, letting the fingers of his right hand move up the inside of her trembling thighs. His knuckles brushed against her pussy, bringing forth an outpouring of her juices that dripped onto the sterile sheet she was lying on.

‘Taylor step back,’ the chief prison officer ordered him.

‘It was him, it was him that gave me the package,’ she shouted.

No sooner were the words out of her mouth – than two strong prison officers grabbed the semi naked man and dragged him from the room.

Tazeline could hear his cries of pain as he is led away.

Her attention is brought back to her own urgent need, that has been made even more pressing after his knuckle had touched her sopping wet pussy.

Now the buzzing in her head is getting louder and louder, suddenly, she feels the walls of her vagina stretching, the pain is horrific, but the prison officer relentlessly carries on pushing the dillido into her love passage – then the pain is gone and her love passage is fully dilated, causing her to rhythmically push back, her cries of pain change to shrieks of ecstasy.

‘I’m coming, I’m coming,’ she calls out – the dillido is being pushed and withdrawn from her eager pussy, faster and faster – as her orgasm comes in waves, washing over her body, heightening all her senses.

She had never before known an orgasm like it.

A loud cheer went up from the watching prison officers.

Gentle hands helped her off the examination couch and she is ushered out of the room and into a bathroom.

A scented bath has been run for her and she immerses herself into it.

The warm water soothes her.

After the welcome bath, she is given a new set of clothing – then finds herself reunited with Margie.

‘Frauleins, you will sleep now and in the morning, you will be appearing at the magistrates court.’

What is going to happen when they meet the magistrate?

To be continued ……

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