Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Flight into Trouble – Part Thirty-Four

The spanking story so far ……

After being sentenced to a public spanking on the following Monday, Tazeline and Margie are led back to their cell. The warder who escorted them back to their cell was curious and wanted to know what they had done wrong, to warrant a public spanking. However, the girls ignored him, except for Tazeline telling him to piss off.

He has now returned with three other warders and hopes the girls are going to be more co-operative.

But, Tazeline still uncommunicative tells him again to piss off and lies face down on her bunk bed.

Strong hands lift her easily off the bed. Now what’s going to happen to her?>

Now read on ……

Tazeline had been lifted from the bed and was now dumped over the knee of the Head Warder.

‘Right fraulein, you have already got a red bum, but it’s nothing like as red as it’s going to be.’ the head warder, jiggled her about over his knee. Raising his right arm, he brought his big hard hand down on her bare red bottom.

‘Ouch!’ she screamed, wriggling about over his knee in an effort to escape any further spanks like she had just received. ‘Let me go, you lousy rotten swine.’

‘Really fraulein, using language like that is not helping you one bit.’ He raised his arm again and brought it down hard on her other cheek. Several spanks later and Tazeline was still screaming and swearing at him.

‘Herr Schmidt, would you like to take over, maybe if you use your thick leather belt on her, she might be more co-operative.’ The head warder pushed her off his knee and she landed on all fours. She attempted to scramble to her feet, but wasn’t quick enough as Herr Schmidt, lifted her off the carpet and she found herself draped over his knee.

He was left handed, so his left hand made its impression on her by now sore red bottom.

When he paused, she again tried to escape, but he had only paused in order to pull his belt out of its loops. Taking a firm grip on it, he started hitting her with it.
‘Now fraulein, how many strokes of this belt will it take to make you into a sweet little girl?’

‘Let me go you brute,’

‘Okay, let’s liven things up a bit,’ the head warder broke in. ‘We’ll have a round robin.’

He directed the other three warders to tie her down over a bar stool.

Meanwhile, poor Margie who had been watching all that was going on, with a look of horror on her face, now found herself also tied down over a bar stool.

Now what’s going to happen to the two defenseless girls?

To be continued ……

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