Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Flight into Trouble – Part Sixteen

The spanking so far ……

The doorman at the Excelsior Hotel in Berlin was about to teach Tazeline the consequences of being cheeky and rude to him.

Now she was standing blindfolded – her legs wide open and her hands on her head.

What was going to happen – what was he going to do? She was so frightened.

Now read on ……

Tazeline felt so isolated. She couldn’t see and the thick rose pink carpet muffled his footsteps; so that when she felt him pull on her ponytail – until her head was pulled up and back, she jumped.

‘Are you afraid of me Fraulein?’ he asked.

She didn’t answer, but her bottom lip quivered.

‘Good,’ he said as if she had answered.

Once again, she felt something cold on her tummy. ‘Right Fraulein, don’t move, the last thing I want to do is hurt you,’ and he laughed mirthlessly.

She felt his finger slide inside her knickers leg and she was shocked to feel her pussy juicing up. Oh! How she hoped he wouldn’t notice, but that hope was dashed by his next words.

‘Why, Fraulein, don’t tell me you’re enjoying this.’

She tried to tighten the muscles in her pussy to stop the flow; however, because of her legs being wide apart, that was mission impossible and the juices ran freely down her legs.

His probing finger entered her juicy throbbing pussy and coaxing her clit from its hood, he started to strum on it.

She gasped audibly and tried to pull away from his vibrating digit, but he pushed it even deeper into her sopping wet love passage.

Then to her utter disgust with herself, she felt the waves of a climax start to send her into a frenzy of squirming about.

The doorman allowed her to come down before he carried on with his original plan.

Grabbing hold of her ponytail, he pulled her sagging body upwards until she was on her toes.

‘Fraulein, please keep your body upright or I may have to change your position.’

She froze – now she knew what the cold thing was.

He had taken a handful of her black fuzz and was snipping at it. ‘No,’ she said.

‘Fraulein you’re in no position to say no to me, now put your hands back on your head and keep them there.

He moved his hand and gave her wriggling bottom a resounding slap. ‘Keep still, I won’t tell you again.’

She realised that antagonising him further was not the best idea, so she backed down.

He went back to using the scissors, but he wasn’t attacking her pussy hair anymore, yet she couldn’t think what he was doing.

He worked in silence for a few minutes.

Then the blindfold was removed, Tazeline blinked in the light.

‘Right Fraulein, I’ve redesigned your panties. Do you want to see what I’ve done?’

She made no reply.

‘Ok,’ he said. ‘Take your knickers off Fraulein.’

She hesitated. Taking it as disobedience, he sat down on the chair he had been sitting on while spanking Margie. Hauling Tazeline over his knee – he immediately pulled her knickers down her legs and off completely.

‘Look Fraulein, see what I have done,’ he showed her his handiwork but her head was hanging down, so he pulled her head up by using her ponytail. ‘I said look at them Fraulein.’

Tazeline was shocked. He’d ruined her favourite pair of knickers.

‘Don’t you like them?’ he asked, sounding disappointed. ‘I only did it for you; now you will be able to put your knickers on the right way, even if you’re blindfolded, see what I mean.’

What has he done to her knickers?

To be continued ……

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