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Video: First Time Spanker
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Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
Our intrepid spankophile has been a long time of spanking videos. After being involved with producing, the writing and directing a couple of spanking videos, he decided it was time to partake of the real "action". So he approached one of his favorite models, Sharon, and asked her if she would be his first "victim". The beautiful Sharon agreed - under one condition - she would take his first spanking, if he would also submit to one from her. Well, being his absolute first time under any conditions, he had to take a few days to mull it over. As you shall see, he agreed, and we got it on tape. He spanked by her by hand. He also used a hairbrush and a large strap. In Return she gave him a heavy dose of hand spanking, a good hairbrush session, and a hard paddling with the same leather strap he had used. It must be noted that he had a wonder time on both sides of the hand, brush and strap as well. Stay tuned for the next encounter between these two.

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