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Fingered By Matron

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Studio: California Star Productions
McCloud, a very attractive college girl, has been caught by matron using the school fax for personal reasons once again. Warnings that this would not be tolerated have apparently gone upon deaf ears. Matron is in no mood to argue and orders McCloud across her knee for a bare bottomed hand spanking.

The mischievous girl is humiliated by this and swears to get even. Her change comes sooner than she expects when she happens upon a very suspicious bottom fondling and oiling session between the Matron and Jordan.

Furious, Matron's anger is quickly abated when McCloud threatens to inform the headmistress of their gross misconduct. The two of them beg McCloud not to tell the headmistress, McCloud seizes the opportunity with both hands and orders Matron to fetch the cane. This is then used upon the pair of them after a humiliating spanking and paddling.

Stars: Marie Louise, Louise Louellen

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