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Final Selections #2

Video: Final Selections #2
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Studio: California Star Productions
Pete and Natasha's day auditions for the northern area of England's pop idol have gone very nicely. They have persuaded three of the five potential finalists to accept humiliating corporal punishment on their bare bottoms, before sending them off to the next round. This leaves Natalie, Pete's favorite, a very attractive blonde. He is determined to get to grips with her peachy bare bottom. And, fortunately for him, she is equally determined to get on in life.
They both seize the opportunity, and it's not long before her bare bottom is across his knee. She is then placed across the desk for a paddling and a sound caning. Lastly, Julie enters in a school girl outfit, though it is clear she is well past the age requirements. This is of no consequence to Pete who, in his ecstasy, is more than happy to paddle his new arrival. Pulling her knickers down, she is also caned, and soon red welts appear against her delicate skin. This has ensured that a further audition for all the girls seen this day will be in order.

Bonus Footage Included

Stars: Natasha, Natalie, Julie, Pete

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