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English Spanking Classics #51 – Detention Room

Video: English Spanking Classics #51 - Detention Room
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Studio: California Star Productions
When Penny and Jane are sent to the Detention Room by their school instructor they meet Mr. Elliott who tells them that their former behavior will not be tolerated any longer. He explains that they must undergo special Detention Room tests and if they fail to pass them they will be disciplined severely.

The girls soon learn that their skirts have four corners and that each can be completely pinned up if they fail to answer a question correctly. Soon, both girls skirts are completely pinned up, exposing their bottoms... and Jane's knickers are pinned to the blackboard as well!

The lesson continues with failing marks until penny finds herself bent over the instructor's knee receiving a hard spanking that turns her bottom red and very sore. She cries out in astonishment and pain as his heavy hand lands on her tender ass.

Mr. Elliot administers a lesson in French literature which they fail; then a Latin lesson which they also do miserably at. An ass-blistering spanking follows until their round globes are crimson and painful.

When they both fail the spelling lesson, they are caned over a wooden stool... and finally when they also fail an essay examination, they are caned again! Forced to kneel atop the stool, their bottoms present a fine target for his well-placed cane! The two tearful girls are taught a stern lesion!

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