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English Spanking Classic 7 – Corrective Therapy Trilogy

Video: English Spanking Classic 7 - Corrective Therapy Trilogy
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Studio: California Star Productions
A black teenager has been caught shoplifting, a blonde student nurse needs special incentive to improve her inadequate performance on the job, and a pretty shop girl has been caught with her fingers in the till. In each cast the offender is given the opportunity to choose between the standard punishment (dismissal and/or imprisonment) or the less conventional solution, Corrective Therapy. These girls choose the latter, and the three scenarios in this video graphically demonstrate the virtues of corporal punishment as a means of rehabilitating wayward females. Application of spanking, the leather strap, or the limber birch cane across tender exposed bottoms may seem old fashioned to some, but the tearful penitence of the offenders bear silent witness to the ultimate effectiveness of Correctional Therapy.

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