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English Punishment Series #42

Video: English Punishment Series #42
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Studio: California Star Productions
Our latest collection includes "A Caning Shared," "Academy of Riding" and "Naughty Novac Sisters." In "A Caning Shared" Tiffany is awaiting the arrival of Mr. Robinson, her physics teacher. Their affair includes a spanking and a romantic interlude. Today however, Tiffany's friend Amy decides to take 20 of the 40 strokes of canings that she normally receives. In "Academy of Riding" two pretty young ladies are desperate to procure jobs at the riding stable. The owner, Mrs. Fargo invites them in and haves them change into outfits. They are then specifically flogged to make sure they stay in line. And in "Naughty Novac Sisters" Mr. Johnson is questioning the authority of two of his student's immigration visas. If they are deported the school will not receive their monies. Wishing to do anything to stay in class they suffer the stern hand of Mr. Johnson's caning against their bare cheeky bottoms. You will be delighted to see what he does!

Stars: Tiffany, Amy, Mr. Robinson, Mrs. Fargo

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