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English Punishment Series 4

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Claims Dealt with - When she finally speaks with the claims Dept. Manager she makes him an offer he can't refuse In exchange for immediate payment of her claim she offers her soft smooth buttocks for him for spanking and caning. What an opportunity for an opportunity for a spanking aficionado. He can't wait to get his hands on her warm and tender ass cheeks.

Strict Qualifications - Recruiting young English Women for an Arab Sheik is an awesome responsibility. See three attractive girls do go through the interview. Complete with hand paddling, leather tawse's and of course the requisites cane. The tender skin of their smooth round bottoms is reddened by the skillful use of the discipline implements.

Pain Practitioner - Miss Wilson enjoys her dental visits. She has a special practitioner who uses a different method of anesthesia. He's learned that if the patients feel pain elsewhere in the body i.e. her bottom, the pain of dentistry will be no problem. Some hard hand smacks and paddling are used first then his partner takes over, preferring paddling to use the cane.

Dawn At The Office Pt. 1 - The swish of the strap brings a nice shiny red glow to Miss Baxter's beautiful round bottom. The punishment from her unhappy boss is in repayment for the loss of important files in her disorderly office. Given another chance to locate them, Miss Baxter frantically searches but no avail. So now it's time for the cane.

How Dare you Pete! After being harassed continually by his customers the handsome young contractor threatens them both with a bare bottomed soaking, if they don't leave him alone. Shocked, yet excited at the prospect of him soundly thrashing their bottoms, they continue to harass Pete. A man of his word, Pete proceeds to warm their bare cheeks with his and follows that with his condident prowess with a strap.

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