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English Punishment Series #37

Video: English Punishment Series #37
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Studio: California Star Productions
In our latest English Punishment series we include "Punishment Duties" about tow college girls who are put on punishment duty when they disobey their teacher and are caught with some bottles of wine. Taken to the common room they are both spanked and caned. It is only when their bottoms are suitably disfigured, does the teacher decide to let them leave. In "a Fundamental Caning" several college students are reprimanded for not wearing the proper school attire. And to boot, they have thrown away their correct attire. Furious, the headmaster meters out some hand spanking across their bare bottoms, which is followed by a humiliating exercise routine in the nude. In "Against Regulations" there is a strict policy of no tattoos, body piercings or jewelry at Mrs. McDonald's School. And she is always hot on the pursuit of offenders. Our first offender has and improper piercing and is forced to strip naked. This is followed by the accumulation of red stripes across her buttocks. And in "Caned by Major Jenkins" the Major has come to visit his local massage parlor. Hoping to find a woman with and hourglass figure, and quite unsuccessful at it, he decides to admonish the three he has seen. They are placed across a specially built table and he begins to cane their bare bottoms. They are only too happy to let the Major leave their large bottoms in ribbons.

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