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English Punishment Series #36

Video: English Punishment Series #36
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Studio: California Star Productions
In our latest English Punishment series we include "Your Turn For The Cane" about a headmaster that decides to teach Osborne, one of the schoolgirls some good old fashioned discipline. She is taken across his knee and desk for some hand spanking and caning. In "Party Girls Caning Competition" a large underground caning and spanking network exists. Three of the most popular girls agree to take part in a caning competition. The last one standing will be declared the champion. In "Suppressed with the Cane" Douglas has been told by his daughter Emily that it's time for him to enter a nursing home. Furious that his daughter would do this to him he decides to take her across his knee for some paddling and finally some caning. And lastly in "Caned for Pleasure" a single parent must discipline her college age daughter when she is found snooping at the door during a romantic interlude. This is after she and her boyfriend also try their hand at spanking and caning. It seems that Brian is quite an expert on caning.

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