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English Punishment Series 3

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OLYMPIC CORRECTION UNIT - The British Athletic Association uses unique methods to discipline their athletes for unacceptable results in competition. The Corrections Coach's proven drills of hard paddlings and severe canings cure their laziness, and inspire them to train harder. It may sound harsh, but sometimes a strong whack across the bottom helps them to focus on the task at hand. Gold Medals!
JOB APPLICATION - Tony is a lonely man. Missing his dead wife and the rousing discipline sessions they used to have. Interviewing new housekeepers, he informs them that they must submit to spankings and canings in order to keep the well paid job. The first young woman is willing, but he sends her away after just a few hand smacks. She couldn't take the important caning strokes. Next a beautiful French woman. She arrives late giving Tony a perfect excuse to introduce her to his preferred discipline methods. The action culminates with a severe caning with his twisty three-pronged cane.
LATE DELIVERY - When and important client arrives looking for some orders that haven't been delivered, it takes Jim by surprise. "Well I don't know what the problem could be, let's go check the shipping department", he tells the client. Questioning the female shipping clerk, they find that she is desperately trying to keep up, but there are many orders to be processed and she's not the quickest worker. To pacify the client, and to save her job, she must willingly submit to spanking discipline given by both her boss and his "important client".
CAUGHT ON CAMERA - The new cleaning girls at the club are caught unaware by closed-circuit T.V. stealing from the register. Their dishonesty is going to cost them dearly. But not in wages. Their boss has a very efficient way to make sure they don't steal from him in the future. Through a series of spankings, strappings and finally a severe caning, their employer sets this matter straight.
STRAP FOR SOPHIE - Lately Sophie just can't get her act together. Conflicts with her boyfriend are distracting her at work. Her bad attitude and unprofessional attire concern her boss. When questioned, Sophie tells him all about her boyfriend and the spankings she endures. Realizing that her boss's enthusiasm for a rousing spanking would work in her favor, Sophie agrees that a sound thrashing might indeed help her concentrate on her work. So with a shy smile, she bares her firm, round cheeks, anticipating the sensation of the masterful hand and cane strokes yet to come.

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