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English Discipline Series The Caning Machine / The Bounder

Video: English Discipline Series The Caning Machine / The Bounder
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Studio: California Star Productions
Sophia did not believe the rumors about the Major's Caning Machine. This was to be her greatest mistake. For thanks to ingenious British design and engineering, her beautiful Italian bottom will endure a stroke of the cane more powerful than any mere mortal could possibly administer.

Two shapely young girls are stripped and tied to a tree, their bare posteriors in easy reach of the Bounder's cruel hands and paddle. When they finally get free and flee to a nearby country estate, they find themselves trapped in the Bounder's lair. Now their naked bottoms must experience the sting of the cane. Watch Melanie Callan and April Love in this 60-minute double feature as they are spanked and caned!

Stars: April Love, Melanie Callan

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