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English Discipline Series – The Bottomists

Video: English Discipline Series - The Bottomists
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Studio: California Star Productions
Several complaints from residents in a leafy suburb have spurred on the Prison Warden to use old-fashioned corporal punishment ion her inmates. While they are doing additional community service, it is clear that the two inmates have no interest in work and given the opportunity, they will steal anything that they can find.
The Park keeper fully agrees with the Warden, that what these two need is a good thrashing and she wastes no time in using her extremely painful strap, reddening the young women's large, bare bottoms more and more with each stoke.
Even after this punishment, the arrogant females don't appear to have a care in the world. The Warden then takes this opportunity to threaten them with loss of their privileges unless they submit to additional hard cane strokes by her. They reluctantly agree and bare their bottoms for the inevitablle.

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