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English Discipline Series – I’m Going To Punish You! Part 1 & 2

Video: English Discipline Series - I'm Going To Punish You! Part 1 & 2
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Studio: California Star Productions
Sharon and Monica manage an Inn on London's north side. And they're very good at it. When one customer discovers chewing gum in his curry, he is understandably appalled. And the girls are dismayed. One more call o the board of health will close them down. They have no choice bit to submit to the tender mercies of their angry customer. When his hands get sore from spanking their bare bottoms, he makes handy use of a large wooden spoon. Brenda has spied Miss Smith in a kinky caning session with her Latin teacher. Her curiosity proves to be her undoing. She must now appear before Miss Smith for special discipline. Since Brenda's pain is Miss Smith's pleasure, this session may take quite a long while.

Stars: Fannie McSoreley, Brian White

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