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English Discipline Series: Down On The Farm

Video: English Discipline Series:  Down On The Farm
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Studio: California Star Productions
When the dad's away the son will play. On the pretext that his father has given him authority to administer punishment on the hired help, Sidney pulls Jennifer across his knee and subjects her to a butt blistering spanking. Rosie, who is watching from the hall, is stimulated at the glowing red hue of Jennifer's exquisitely punished posterior. She can hardly wait for her own turn. Mr. Jones has never punished his wife before. Anxious to do the job right, he enlists the services of Mr. Gilbert, professional punishment counselor. Mrs. Jones' lovely pink buttocks are about to experience the cruel caress of the leather strap and the soul of her slipper

Stars: Suzy Q., Lisa Bret, Thomas Harding

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