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English Discipline Series – CP Research Institute

Video: English Discipline Series - CP Research Institute
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Studio: California Star Productions
A punishment institute has been opened by the famous Dr. Ward. His first client Adiran, a policeman, has had a lot of trouble dealing with his wayward wife. He resorted to corporal punishment as a last resort, but found to his disappointment that even this is having only a mild effect in restoring some sort of sanity in his marriage.
Dr. Ward asks Adrian to demonstrate his methods at his surgery and soon finds out why he has not had not much success. The way he had been dealing with her was all wrong....far too mild! So the doctor takes on the case, dishing out a wide variety of spanking, paddling and a good caning in different positions. In this way he feels it will instill into the girl a proper manner leading to good discipline around the house. The Doctor has one more patient to deal with. This is also an attractive young woman whose stepfather does not know where else to turn. A sound thrashing with the cane soon solves that problem. In the future, just the threat of being sent to the institute will be enough!

Stars: Adiran, Dr. Ward

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