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Enema Spa for Schoolgirls Natashja & Samantha

Video: Enema Spa for Schoolgirls Natashja & Samantha
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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
Natashja is a wild schoolgirl who broke her foot climbing out of her window. She goes to her very first spa treatment - without realizing that it's an ENEMA SPA! After a sensual massage, mud wrap and rinse, Natashja is shocked to discover that the Extreme Cleansing regimen also includes an enema, administered by the spa's male attendant, using an enema bag and a sizable nozzle. A flow indicator on the hose will let you see the water flowing into her colon.

After expelling the enema in the toilet and taking a shower (hopping around with her broken foot) Natashja is appalled to discover that the intense enema was meant to be just her FIRST one! She becomes very uncooperative, and so the spa attendant - with the help of another schoolgirl named Samantha - ties her up to the massage table!

Having to pee into a bucket, while tied up compounds Natashja's humiliation. Samantha, who is her rival from school, has a field day! She spanks and fingers Natashja, and takes her rectal temperature. In preparation for the second enema, Natashja's resisting sphincter gets stretched with 2 fingers and a full stick of butter!

Samantha, unlike Natashja, likes enemas - and begs the spa attendant for one, too. Her wish is granted and she simply lies down smack on top of Natashja, who is by now hogtied.

It's sizzling simultaneous enemas for the "double-decker girls." With 2 flow meters spinning and spinning... Next is a mad dash to the toilet. Both girls make do with just 1 seat! Finally they get to cavort in the bathtub.

Stars: Samantha, A Wizard of Ass, Natashja

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