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Elite Pain Interviews: Yvette The Computer Scientist

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Yvette The Computer Scientist
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Yvette says she has a high tolerance for pain, so perhaps she will be able to easily withstand this Elite Pain Interview and casting session. Max will not go easy on her, and tells her to undress while he continues to ask personal questions about her sex life and boyfriend. On her knees, her breasts are tortured with clamps, twisting and being smacked by a riding crop. Next, Yvettes wrists are restrained above her head, and her ankles spread wide. She is flogged on her belly, tits and thighs. She yells out in pain as Max uses the flogger between her legs on her pussy lips. More spanking with a paddle, whip and crop. Finally, her nipples are tested again with clamps and a crop, and she has completed her torturous casting session.

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Yvette

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