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Elite Pain Interviews: Vicky Taylor

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Vicky Taylor
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Vicky Taylor is a beautician is interested in the challenge of this Elite Pain Interview casting session. In her interview with Max, she confesses that she expects a little pain, and he immediately corrects her to say it is more than a little pain! She undresses as the interview continues, and once she is completely naked and exposed, he spanks her with a variety of instruments. Next, Vicky endures a multi-tailed whip as Max flogs her breasts, stomach and pussy lips. She screams out the loudest when Max administers breast torture, clamping and twisting her nipples and smacking her breasts with a flogger and stick. Finally, Vicky finishes her casting with some more whipping and a crop on her pussy and belly. She is spent, and says she has never felt such pain before.

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Vicky Taylor

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