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Elite Pain Interviews: Stronza Marinko

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Stronza Marinko
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Stronza Marinko is a blonde Italian who has attended this Elite Pain Interview for some extra money and to test her pain tolerance. After a brief interview, where Stronza reveals her favorite sexual positions and fantasies, Max shows her his collection of injurious instruments. She is allowed to pick her first form of punishment, and selects the multi-tail whip, which he then flogs her body with. Next, he tests her sensitive nipples with clamps that he twists until she almost falls over in agony.

As soon as Stronza regains her composure, Max is back to torturing her with a riding crop smacked all over her body. Then he restrains her wrists and she is bound to a pole. With her ass exposed, and unable to pull away, she is spanked ruthlessly with a leather strap, a paddle and an electric wire. When she finally turns around, you can see whip marks across her tits and stomach. Max finishes off the torturous casting with clamps on Stronza's pussy and bending her over for a few cane strokes.

Stars: Stronza Marinko, Maximilian Lomp

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