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Elite Pain Interviews: Stella The Confectioner

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Stella The Confectioner
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Stella is a curvy and confident woman who works as a confectioner making cakes and treats. Today, Max has a treat of his own for her - testing her ability to withstand pain in this Elite Pain casting. First, Stella examines a paddle that he uses to whack her behind. Then he whips her with a wire and riding crop, leaving red marks all over her belly and huge tits. Next, Stella is given restraints and bound with her hands above her head. Her big bounding breasts are tortured with clamps, smacking and nipple twisting. Max also attaches clamps to her pussy lips, and smacks her more with the thin wire whip and riding crop. Finally, Max congratulates Stella on completing her pain session, and asks her to describe the experience.

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Stella

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