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Elite Pain Interviews: Sophia White

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Sophia White
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Sophia is a conservative college girl who needs to make some spending money. She has never been exposed to this kind of torture before, so she is in store for a rude awakening! After a brief interview and undressing for Max, Sophia is first smacked with his bare hand. She examines his instruments and chooses the thin bamboo stick for her first punishment. Sophia is not reacting from the pain, so Max blindfolds her to see how she'll react when she doesn't see what's coming. He then smacks her pussy and legs with a flogger and tortures her nipples with a wrench. This really gets to her, and she is finally crying on it pain when he spanks her with a leather strap. Finally, Sophia saddles a sawhorse and gets smacked with a crop, stick and Max's bare hands again.

Stars: Sophia White, Maximilian Lomp

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