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Elite Pain Interviews: Sandra The Goth Girl

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Sandra The Goth Girl
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
A warm welcome to Elite pain casting! We've come together to get to know Alexandra the Goth girl, but she goes by Sandra! She has come to Elite Pain Interviews like many others for an opportunity to appear in a film. Her nervousness is making her seek other views in the studio with Maximilian watching her. Sandra once appeared before, but she was unwilling participant. Sandra ran once before, but Maximilian is not letting it happen again or he will dismiss her. The nineteen year old has never had sex in this country at least, but has abroad. Max tries to make her feel comfortable, but instead he makes her feel uneasy! Alexandra seems to be a very carefree young woman. He instantly pulls her pussy lips apart and it is clear that she is a low grade sexual female. She gets whipped on her hands and feet, but no one does she bother to react to way he thought she would. Her perky nipples are pierced with a sterilized needle by Max and still no reaction. Pussy punishment seemed to have been one of the tests he performed that she didn't like at all. Keeping her legs apart was a task! br>
With her pussy hurt and all, Sandra manages to sit down and express which instruments really bothered her. Max thinks that she would be great for a role in his film. They make an agreement for her to endure thirty to fifty cane strokes on her behind for one thousand bucks. She nods in agreement and Max says they are done for the day!

Stars: Sandra, Maximilian Lomp

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