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Elite Pain Interviews: Sandra The Flower Shop Assistant

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Sandra The Flower Shop Assistant
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
A warm welcome to Elite pain casting! We've come together to get to know Sandra! She has come to Elite Pain Interviews like many others for an opportunity to appear in a film. It is explained to her that if she decides to appear in a film, she'll either be a slave in ElitePain series or in any of the Mood Pictures films. Sandra will have to get used to obeying orders quickly and Max is going to thoroughly check on how well she can do so. Her breasts keep getting covered by her hands and he advises her to let them show for the camera. The twenty year old has to answer every question when asked and the test begins. Sandra apparently like being licked on her nipples and Max wants to see how sensitive they are. He promises to massage them after he yanks off the clamps with a wire. Counting along she receives extra punishment for not doing as she was told. He instantly pulls her pussy lips apart while she sits on the stool provided for her. He wants her to massage her clit as he uses the whip on her thighs. Although it is a very painful type of fun, she smirks with pleasure written all over her face. Sandra insists on trying one stroke of the rattan cane and Max agrees to do so. Ass out and pussy shown, Max remits on his promise of one stroke and does many more! br>
Maximilian gets a very warm feeling from Sandra the flower shop assistant! She has a bubbly personality even when he strikes his hardest. Her hopping is complimented as "beautiful", but he wanted to paddle her a few good times. Max and Sandra seem to make a great team because she does exactly what he wants if not more! With an attitude like hers, it'll take her many places! She thanks him for the strikes!

Stars: Sandra, Maximilian Lomp

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