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Elite Pain Interviews: Nora The Event Coordinator

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Nora The Event Coordinator
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
A warm welcome to ElitePain casting! Introducing thirty-two year old Nora who is an event coordinator. She is honest from the very beginning telling Max that she needs the money and how it is a challenge for her to make on her own. Max finds out that Nora has never gotten naked in front of a man, but lives with a male counterpart; however, she didn't tell him where she was going and with a response like this Max felt the need to check her! He kindly tells her that men must be respected and served. While he continues to inform her of their system for his roles are that men are dominant and the women just obey their orders.

A helpful hand is given to Nora because she is taking entirely too long and Max doesn't have all day. He pulls out the whip because she is not following his directions and without hesitation whips her stomach. Role reversal is in order now; the paddle is pulled out and used twice on her bottom as she stands at attention. The tears are rolling and it is not longer a smile on Nora's face. Before the end of this casting, she will have a new respect for her man at home. Nora runs from all of the instruments and her adjusting to the pain isn't that easy. Humiliation is not the problem in her case, but the pain is. Spreading her pink with the tight clamps was her punishment for not be obedient, which is key in this Max informs. Nora has gotten the break she was looking for.

Max sits her down for a little talk and congratulates her on having lots of strength. An offer to appear in his next ElitePain movie is on the table and Nora will have to decide whether or not she will agree to do it. With tears in her eyes, Nora is told she has passed the test. Max tested her mental stability as well, but Nora didn't figure it until the end when the pain became secondary! Will Nora appear in an appropriate film?

Stars: Nora, Maximilian Lomp

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