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Elite Pain Interviews: Nicky The Nurse

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Nicky The Nurse
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Nicky is a thirty-one year old woman who has come to ElitePain casting for the money like most of the others do. Her nervousness grows as she finds out that the instruments sitting on the table next to her will be used to torture her. They will be used on different parts of her body and leave slight marks which don't compare to actual one left from a film itself. Undressing and keeping eye contact was a bit difficult for her. As Nicky's breasts just linger in front of her body, Max gets a better look and feel for them by doing a bit of nipple twisting. Breasts piercings are next and the action to do so came very swift to unsuspecting Nicky. It hurts very much as he squeezes and pinches them as he places the needles through. Hands behind her back, Nicky is told to finish undressing and she will obey.

Nicky's appearance is short lived. Her dislikes outweighed her likes for the instruments. The three strikes on each her palms were enough to sent chill through her body. Clenching her teeth and closing her eyes did not help the horrible pain she felt on her leveled palms. Only one task was left for Nicky and it involved three huge stroking of her menstruating pussy and soles of her feet. Since Max liked her demeanor so much and her enthusiasm to make her some serious money was apparent, he offered her a position in one of his films. Agreeing to obey all orders given to her was all Max needed to hear for it to be official. Max has one last request, he wants Nicky to leave the studio with her upper body unclothed.

Stars: Nicky, Maximilian Lomp

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