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Elite Pain Interviews: Nadia Trubovskaya

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Nadia Trubovskaya
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Nadia Trubovskaya is given a warm welcome by ElitePain casting! She is a full time spunky stewardess. Nadia is twenty-five year old and has found out that hse is auditioning for S&M movies, where girls play subordinate roles. She has come to ElitePain casting to gain experience in a different field much like theirs. She has never imagines someone beating and punishing her for obedience purposes. His curiousness gets the best of him and he asks to see her supple breasts. Asking if she has ever blown the captain of any of her flights, Nadia grins. Getting totally naked in a cool room made her nipples very perky.

Extending her arms, Nadia runs for Max's first request to see how her breasts bounce in motion. Little does she know, he pulls the whip from behind his back and strikes as she runs! Her thighs are next in line for a little Maximilian torture. Since this is her first time being tied up, he asks her assistance in helping her put her hooks on the cross. The clamps have come out to play now and the sensitivity of her breasts is written on her face. Max is anxious to try her thighs with the cane. He proposes fifty cane stroke, but he notices her withstanding the pain he changed to the bullwhip instantly. Refusing to leave her breasts' unbothered, he takes the riding crop to them both.

Still attached to the cross, she refuses to have a needles put through her beasts. Max respects her decision and takes a seat. He is so fascinated with her breasts that he asks can he touch them one last time. The opportunity offered to her is one of which includes other contestants, which ever can withstand the most of what is being given will win! Will Nadia Trubovskaya pass that test like she did this one?

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Nadia Trubovskaya

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